Kingdom Of Fife Pub of The Year

Pub of the Year - What is it

The Pub of the Year (POTY) is an annual competition run by local CAMRA branches to find the best pub within there area.

The Process

October - Local branch members are asked to nominate 5 Real Ale pubs, within the fife area.

November - A short list of 5 Real Ale pubs are selected from the nominated fife pubs.

A judging panel of 5 will be formed (consisting of the Chairman, Pubs Officer & 1 committee members PLUS 2 other members to be elected at the AGM)

The judging panel will use the national CAMRA scoring criteria to determine the winning pubs and judging will take place on one or two collective visits at an unannounced time in December 2019 / January 2020

March - Pubs Office Announces winner

2020 - Nominations - Opens Sept 2019

Branch members have now been contacted via email inviting them to nominate pubs for this years competition. The closing date for nominations will be the 31st October 2019

If you have not yet been contacted, and wish to take part please contact the Pubs Officer for more information

or you can follow the following link Pub of the Year - Nonimation

2020 - Finalists (due Nov 2019)

We are pleased to announce the 5 pubs that that been short-listed by the branch for the Pub of The Year Competition are:

Albert Tavern, Freuchie

Betty Nicols, Kirkcaldy

Criterion, St Andrews

Hillend Tavern, Hillend

Railway Inn, Lower Largo

2020 POTY Results

We are delighted to announce that the Kingdom of Fife CAMRA Pub of the Year 2020, is

Coming Soon

We are delighted to announce the runners up of the Kingdom of Fife CAMRA Pub of the Year 2020, is

Coming Soon

Previous Years

Year Pub of The Year Location
2019 Railway Inn Lower Largo
2018 Hillend Tavern Hillend
2017 Hillend Tavern Hillend
2016 Foresters Arms Aberdour
2015 Foresters Arms Aberdour
2014 Commercial Inn Dunfermline
2013 Central Bar St Andrews
2012 Central Bar St Andrews
2011 Albert Tavern Freuchie
2010 Albert Tavern Freuchie

POTY 2019 Finalists

2018 Finalists

2017 POTY Finalists

2016 POTY Finalists

2015 POTY Finalists

2014 POTY Finalists